Business Grade Wifi and

Network Security for your home.

Bring home a network that you can trust, and keeps you running smoothly. 



We take security seriously. Our enterprise network solutions include L2TP/IPsec VPNs. A business class encryption means that remote access to your system, for automation, NAS drives, cameras or more, is secure.


Enable your VPN you can surf the internet anonymously! Including seamlessly with iOS. Android, Mac and PC.



Our members have business class protection at home. Members benefit annually from the latest performance and security enhancements.


Protected with DNS Filtering. Your management portal mitigates ransomware, malware, allows for geo-blocking and granular content filtering!



Our systems offer a scalable solution limited only by imagination. A managed structured network designed and built properly like a finely tuned machine just works.


We do the heavy lifting on design, maintenance, and support so that you have piece of mind.



When your internet matters our equipment is trusted in everything from data-centers, wireless internet service providers and large scale commercial or business applications.


Built to withstand harsh environments our equipment is a perfect fit for any home or large-scale application.


Bring enterprise solutions home and work like a pro. 

Work from Home like a Pro 


750sqft - 2000sqft

Starting at $44.99/month + Install


System Includes:

 Powerful 4 Port POE Router

1 - 2 Wireless Modern Access Points

2 Pre-configured Wifi SSID's

Annual Platinum Membership


2000sqft - 4000sqft

Starting at $75.99/month + Install


System Includes:

Powerful 4 Port POE Router

2-4 Wireless Modern Access Points

2 Pre-configured Wifi SSID's

Annual Platinum Membership



Starting at $169.99/month + Install


System Includes:

 Business Grade 8 Port POE Router

4-6 Wireless Modern Access Points

2 Pre-configured Wifi SSID's

Annual Platinum Membership


6000sqft - Custom

Custom System.


Please contact us for a complete design. 

Platinum Membership 


For many reasons the ability to detect and potentially block access to certain countries can be considerable help. Usually this is because of a perceived risk but it might also create a geo-fence for children or employees. 


While full compliant with leading privacy laws (eg 95/46/EC, BPjM etc) we retain up to 6 months of historical data for creating ad-hoc or scheduled reports. Many pre-built report formats are available to minimize the effort required. 


New internet content is detected and classified within 24 hours. separate 'Safe Search' categorization according to YouTube, Google and Bing can also be enabled. When a blocked page is reached users receive a stop page and the event is logged. 


Malware Mitigation detects the sources of Malware (bad web sites) as well as the symptoms of Malware. This is complementary to anti-threat software deployed on PC's or devices. Mitigation on ransomware, viruses, banking trojans, botnets and more than 25,000 variations. 


We track your network gateway address and constantly update your system. We personalize your very own address so you may securely access automation, remote desktop, NAS drives and more while away. 

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