Case Study: MacKenzie Art Gallery Collaboration Space

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Client: MacKenzie Art Gallery

Location: Regina, SK

Market: Art Gallery, Museum

Solutions: Collaboration Space, Meeting Rooms

Services: Design, Integration, Programming

Modern Collaboration

The Mackenzie Art Gallery wanted to implement a modern collaboration space that would allow both adaptability and scalability. By partnering with Hillman AV, the gallery integrated a contemporary meeting space that will keep pace with their growing organization. This modern meeting space allows staff and guests to utilize sophisticated collaboration technology

in a sleek and simple manner.

One Space, Multiple Configurations

Hillman AV has designed a collaboration space which can have multiple configurations based on the Mackenzie Art Gallery’s needs. Multiple groups can meet simultaneously by utilizing unique audiovisual zones, or the entire space can be combined for large presentation. From hosting small team collaboration, medium sized video conferencing with outside partners, to large scale Presentations, the space is versatile, adaptable and scalable to a multitude of scenarios.

Kramer KT-107 - 7" Wall & Table Mount PoE Touch Panel

Total Control

Keeping the end user in mind, Hillman AV has programmed a fully customized touch panel control system. A Kramer Control System acts as a backbone allowing users to dictate which audiovisual system they wish utilize. Intuitive and simple to use, it is truly audiovisual made easy.

Wireless Connectivity

Staff can now seamlessly connect and present utilizing any device of their choice. Gone are the days of wired connection and dongles. The Kramer Via Go allows multiple presenters to easily share the content of their choice. From streaming online videos, media files, PowerPoint slides to outright mirroring their device screen, the Via Go is a fast, simple and reliable tool for modern office collaboration.

It’s on the Cloud

On site troubleshooting is a thing of the past. The collaboration space is designed with on cloud features that allows users to store information. Qualified Hillman AV technicians can now quickly trouble shoot issues with remote cloud access. Eliminating downtown time and improving staff accessibility.